Marketing Potential

Increase Open Rates up to 90%
Increase Click Through Rates up to 75%

Within 2 Years (2020)

80% of businesses expected to utilize Chatbots (Business Insider, 2016)
85% of customer service interactions will be powered by Chatbots (Gartner)

Marketing Potential

96% of businesses believe Chatbots are here to stay. (Mindbrowser)
67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot in the past year (Business Insider)

The Concierge Experience (aka, spectacular customer service)

While the Ritz Carlton is certainly recognized for its extravagant hotels, restaurants, and yachts, that’s actually not why the brand is so highly regarded and famous. The Ritz is hailed as the “gold standard of hospitality”.

Despite all the other grandeur, they are most known for the way they treat their customers.

They place a tremendously high value on effective communication, thoughtful guidance, and delighting their audience.

Imagine walking into the Ritz and only seeing a giant information board, with no one there to guide you. Now imagine their actual experience of greeting you at the door and attending to your every need with great care, personal attention, and efficiency.

In many ways, this articulates the difference between visiting the typical website verses visiting a website with a customized Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience.

And our Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experiences actually takes it a step further by staying with your customer for their entire journey, helping them feel confident and cared for at every step of the way.

An Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience can ensure that current and future customers are welcomed and informed through an experience catered specifically to their brand. 

This allows your customers to feel Safe and Confident in your ability to attend to their needs efficiently and with great care.

In today’s society, the success of your business is more dependent on your Brand Experience than ever before. Your brand is the personality, character, and language that your audience can connect with.

Less Noise.
Less Friction.
More Effective Conversation.

By utilizing advanced technologies such as Machine Learning, (ML), Animation, BOT​s, Conversational User Interface (CUI), Graphical User Interface (GUI), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Customer Experience (CX) and other forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) we are able to further humanize the experience of messaging platforms so brands can connect with their team and their clients on a level that was never possible before.

Brand Personas

Chatbots were never designed to replace humans, yet they can be much more than just a mechanical, robotic experience. We’ve designed a process through AI, Machine Learning, Neuroscience, and Brand Strategy that allows us to create a third option; a new entity altogether.

Wilson the volleyball from the film Castaway? Wilson obviously wasn’t a human. But it wasn’t just a volleyball either. It was something in between. We were able to connect with the Wilson character because of the life Chuck (Tom Hanks) gave to it. We can do something similar with our Chatbots.

Our Brand Architect,
Jared Angaza has been developing brands for individuals, major brands, and governments across the world for 20 years. Now he’s working with Chatbot innovator and BOT//NATION founder, Peter Lisoskie to design Chatbots that can articulate the essence of a brand through the Interactive Conversational Experience.

We can create a Chatbot that emulates the essence of your brand in the way it interacts with your audience. We work with you to extract the essence of your brand. Then we use that information to program the persona, and overall experience of your Chatbot.

Think of Chatbot that would emulate the characteristics of
Howard Schultz for Starbucks, Yvon Chouinard for Patagonia, or Steve Jobs for Apple. Simply put, now we have the ability to do just that. 

Everyone wants to turn their audience into Loyal Brand Ambassadors. The best way to do that is to intentionally craft a consistent brand experience that aligns with their hopes and expectations.

Every Chatbot we create can be programed with a Brand Persona that “feels like” the very essence of your brand or iconic figurehead. This represents a profound evolution in your ability to provide a consistently remarkable brand experience to your audience.

Our Bots

We are able to develop a bot for just about any purpose. However, our unique combination of Brand Experience, Animation, Neuroscience, and Technology has afforded us the ability to create some unique and innovative Chatbot experiences.

Here are the frameworks we’ve developed. Each depicts a specific trajectory and intended purpose. We’ll work with you to best understand the intended outcome of your Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience. Then it’s time to choose a baseline framework and start customizing your bot.

Each framework has a list of featured abilities that represent the possibilities and unique abilities of that particular bot. We’ll customize each framework as we learn more about your specific needs and then build appropriately upon our proprietary frameworks.


ImpactBot is designed to showcase a brand’s impact on the environment, community, and any individual or group involved in the supply of goods or services. It allows for expanded transparency and education in regards to certifications such as Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO, Ethical Employment and other practices and policies related to maintaining a “clean supply chain”.

Brands whose identity is rooted in their commitment to protecting the vitality of the people and resources involved in the creation and distribution of their goods and/or services.

Supply Chain Transparency
Conveying Brand Essence
Fair Trade Certification
Certified Organic
Impact on Climate
Community Impact
Customer Feedback
Supplier Feedback/Input
Conflict Free Materials
Child Labor Protection


BrandBot is designed to promote internal Brand Culture adoption and ensure that the brand’s vision and values trickle down to the furthest extensions of the brand’s reach. This bot works as a full time assistant to brands with large teams, multiple geographic locations, and robust brand cultures. It works to protect the integrity of the brand, facilitate fluid communications, and motivate the team.

Brands with large teams, often in multiple geographic locations that rely on their ability to ensure that their vision, values, methods, etc. are consistently exemplified at all levels of business operations and communications.

Vision & Values Adoption
Promote Consistency & Brand Standards
Systems & Processes Training
Human Resources Facilitation
Team Inspiration & Motivation
Incentive Programs & Contests
Birthday & Holiday Communications
Internal Brand Communications
Team Building & Community
Foster a Culture of Innovation


ConciergeBot is designed to care for your audience and generally elevate the Customer Experience in a similar way to a concierge at a fine hotel. The bot utilizes machine learning and AI to learn from the user as they interact. It takes care of all the nuanced pillars of a healthy, resilient relationship that helps your customers feel valued, nurtured, and confident in the brand’s ability to consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

Brands whose audience will be exposed to multiple offerings, complex information, or repeat business. And brands whose identity is largely dependent upon their ability foster loyal, resilient relationships with their audience.

Greet & Nurture Visitors
Answer Questions
Provide Tips & Guides
Build Trust & Confidence
Enhance Relationships
Provide Reminders
Give Direction
Reduce Communication Friction
Gather Audience Data
Ensure Ease & Efficiency
Act as Companion
Personal Assistant Tasks
Estimating, Scheduling & Booking


Guidbot is designed to teach, guide, direct, and generally help people navigate complex information. Its purpose is to act like a personal assistant or Sherpa, relaying instructions and direction and acting as a companion on your journey. It can help with everything from personal development, to navigating your next safari, to learning a new language.

Brands that need to teach or guide their audience as a primary function of their brand, such educators, gurus, health and wellness brands, tourism agencies, etc.

Teach, Guide, Direct
Provide Resources
Gather Behavioral Data
Navigate Complex Instructions
Give Directions & Suggestions
Tourism & Adventures
Instructional Courses
Online Education
Meditations & Yoga
Ordering Products & Services
Weather Guide
Personal Fitness
Personal Development

More Bots!

In addition to our proprietary bot frameworks, we can develop bots for lots of different needs such as the following options.

If you have a need for an Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience that you haven’t seen listed, please contact us. We are innovators and we love a good challenge!

Event & Summit Promotion (event guide)
Lead Generation & Qualification
Marketing Sales Funnel
Resource/Job Recruiting
Social Media Follower Generation
Gaming & Contests Facilitation

And lots more!

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