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Double Your Show Subscribers by Identifying Your #1 Promotion Bottleneck

Is it really possible to double your show subscribers simply by identifying your #1 promotion bottleneck? Here's the thing...when it comes to growing your show, there are 7 possible bottlenecks that can hold the show back from reaching your wave of subscribers. And every podcast show tends to have a primary bottleneck, which is the #1 thing holding them back. 


The Challenge

However the challenge is this...As a Podcast Show Host with many, many competing priorities, it's difficult to identify what that #1 bottleneck is and how to fix it. 

Here's Pete!

Introducing Pete. The first automated chatbot to solve your podcast show growth bottlenecks. Pete will be your virtual assistant to help you build your show.  He's a Facebook Messenger chatbot that automatically opens in messenger and interacts with your listeners.

Pete could be the most important promotion tool and here's why...

Pete can...

  • Automate the process of listeners subscribing to your show
  • Automate the process of leaving a review
  • Build a list of automated listeners through an RSS feed
  • Get future ideas for your show
  • Find out what listeners want
  • Automate social sharing to build your show base virally

There's One More Thing...

"Alexa, give me my daily briefing..."

With the advent of Smart Speakers and the fact that Amazon Echo has 72% of the market, what if you had the capability to keep your subscribers tuned in to your show through Alexa? Well now you can! Introducing Alexa Briefings. Your listeners can get daily or weekly briefings of your show right through their Amazon Smart Speaker. How cool is that? All you need is an RSS feed. And you can promote your products and services in the briefing. This is a Founder's Deal and I'm offering pre-order discounts at the price of $39/month + $100 set up fee. You get all the great things about Pete + Alexa Briefings of your show. Choose the Pete w/Amazon button below. Delivery date for this feature will be in March.

You Choose...


(+ one-time $50 setup fee)

*up to 2,500 messenger subscribers (additional volume plans available)


(+ one-time $100 setup fee)

*up to 2,500 messenger subscribers (additional volume plans available)

Founder's Deal: March 2018 Launch