Witness the Mega-Trend.

"Chatbot technology is the biggest trend since the invention of the Internet."

What is a Chatbot?

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/ ˈCHatbät /

A chatbot is a software service designed to simulate human conversation with a person. Chatbots are found on major messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

The Shift...It's Happened

2015: More Messaging Than Social...

It happened in the Spring of 2015...more people are using messaging apps, which chatbots can access, than the Big 4 social networking apps combined. And that includes Facebook. The shift has already happened.

2016: Facebook Opens Messenger

In April of 2106 at the Facebook F8 conference, Facebook announces it is opening up their API to allow chatbots to be developed for the messenger platform. At 1.2 billion messages a month on messenger, this is BIG news for all of us and sparks the crossing of the early adopter chasm to mainstream adoption of chatbots on messenger platforms.

Where Can Bots be Used?

Facebook Messenger

This is a customer service bot we developed for a builder that runs on messenger.

Your Website

This is a lead qualification bot we developed for a Doctor that runs on his website.

Chatbot Types To Help Your Business?

The LEAD Bot

Lead bots are great for both lead generation and lead qualification. Build your list with a Lead Magnet. Qualify leads prior to doing business with you. At Bot Nation, we typically get over 80% open rates and 60+% click through rates for our clients.



Education bots are great to help educate, build trust and relationships to convert people into customers. Bots can provide guides, tips, videos, or any other content to help a person in the decision-making and trust-building process.


The consumption bot uses codes, like QR codes, that are scanned with an iPhone or Android to start the bot. These codes can be stickers, on websites, in print or in a presentation. Consumption bots are great for products or services that are used on a regular basis by their customers. The bot can educate the consumer, provide reminders, and act as a companion.


The service bot provides deliver 24/7 automated customer service. This kind of bot replaces a repetitive function such as answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Industry costs for a single customer service representative average $43,000 annually. Typical payback for a bot doing these kind of tasks is less that 4 months.


In many situations, success in sales or use of a product can be enhanced with follow-up or helping with accountability. Often times during the consideration phase, a bot can provide customized content chosen by the customer to help make a decision. If a customer has already purchased a product, such as an online course, a business can create an accountability bot that encourages the customer to complete course modules in a positive manner.

Examples of How Chatbots Can Help You

Email Marketing

Customer Service

There are dozens of ways to deploy chatbots in your business...

  • Want to sign more people up for your webinar? You can do that.
  • Want to generate more sales in eCommerce. Look no further.
  • Want to deliver your lead magnets to your new leads? Got that.
  • Getting ready to launch a new product? You’ve got a high converting audience.
  • Want to generate more sales inside your bot? Done.
  • Want to support your customers 24/7 while you’re sleeping. No problem.

The opportunities are endless. All you have to do is develop the skills to build your own chatbots.

And it doesn't matter if your business is online or offline.

Here's more ideas on the bots you can build for your business.

  • The eCommerce bot
  • The fitness bot
  • The webinar bot
  • The quiz bot
  • The survey bot
  • The contest bot
  • The lead magnet bot
  • The blog post bot
  • The birthday bot
  • The anniversary bot
  • The free trial bot
  • The email killer bot
  • The story telling bot
  • The gameshow bot
  • The content delivery bot
  • The local business bot
  • The social media bot
  • The affiliate bot
  • The survey bot
  • The appointment scheduler bot
  • The 5-day challenge bot

Here's the question: Will you take part in the big land grand and have an UNFAIR advantage?


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Could you do this yourself? Yes. Would it take a lot of time and money to figure it out on your own? Yes. And the risk is if you take a wrong step you could lose your chatbot subribers.


You'll gain the right start and faster momentum if you do it the right way and learn from my mistakes.

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