• Benefits for YOUR CUSTOMER


When you're customers are looking for help, they're looking for an instant solution. Chatbots work immediately to serve your customers.


Today's internet is about conversations. We've developed a new set of conversational user interface standards (CUI) to engage clients.


What's great for your customer is chatbots are available 24/7. They're never late for work. They never get sick. They're always there to serve.


The chatbots we develop can be accessible on your website, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Slack, or Kik on any device.


Great chatbot design is all about creating a personalized, user-driven experience that is entertaining and engaging. It delivers results!


A key element to a connected conversation is animation. We create customized animated characters that represent your brand.

  • Benefits for YOUR BUSINESS


The chatbots we develop are custom built to represent your brand personality and perform a workflow function or customer service.


We can offer seamless integration with hundreds of web app tools such as CRM, Google Docs, email, forms, social media, and SMS. 

Lead Flow

Chatbots are one of the best ways for lead generation and qualification. We see open rates above 80% and click rates over 60%!

Customer Service

Chatbots are great to answer common questions, get information, order food, services, or products and save thousands of dollars in resource cost.

Personal Assistant

Chatbots are great personal assistants providing reminders, accountability, companionship, information, and personalized content.


Best of all chatbots can aid in the order of products and services and with machine learning can remember previous orders and suggest.

Chatbots are great to answer common questions, get information, order food, services, or products and save thousands of dollars in resource cost.

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The 4 Phases of Chatbot Development


The discovery process is about having a conversation with you. We'll discuss your ideal customer and what kind of experience you'd like them to have while interacting with your bot. We'll discuss your current sales funnels. We'll discuss your the outcome you desire with your bot: lead generation, content delivery, virtual assistant, trainer, customer service, etc. 

Outcomes: blueprint strategy for your chatbot's fit with your brand, marketing strategy, and customer journey


Next is the design process, where we'll create your chatbot's personal character and brand identity. Like Mickey Mouse that represents Disney, your chatbot character will have a personality that represents your brand and your business. After character creation comes storyboarding. My team takes the chatbot blueprint and creates a messenger storyboard that maps out the experience the user will have while interacting with your bot using proper UX design principles. Your chatbot can integrate text, buttons, images, image galleries, video, audio, lists, tables, payments, attach files and even delay messages for a more dramatic affect.

Outcomes: (1) your chatbot character, (2) storyboards, (3) UX design


Next is the development process, where we'll select the software platform that is appropriate to deliver the chatbot strategy you want to deploy. There are many different tools in the current marketplace. Selecting the right tool depends on the outcome you want to achieve (leads, content delivery, customer service, trainer, or virtual assistant) and the physical location of the chatbot - on FB messenger, a different messaging platform, or your website. The chatbot is created and testing is completed for proper operation of the bot.

Outcomes: (1) completed chatbot


Finally, your chatbot is deployed and integrated into your current sales funnel, marketing funnel, customer service process, or workflow information gathering process. This includes linking to other components of the sales funnel for an integrated and seamless interaction by your user with the chatbot. Testing is completed to ensure the bot and funnel are automatically integrating together.

Outcomes: (1) your working chatbot integrated into the selected funnels

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