Partnership Programs

We'd love to work with you to provide Interactive Conversation Experiences for your valued clients. If you're interested in becoming a Referral or Co-Management Partner, please check out the basic options below. We handle these relationships on a case by case basis, customizing each program to cater to our specific relationship.

Referral Affiliate

This option is for Partners that want to make a referral and let us take if from there. Just refer them over, and if they sign, we pay you a commission.

Commission Scale
1 – 3 clients per month = 5% commission3+ clients per month = 10% commission5% of monthly management contracts


This option is for Partners that plan to be more involved in client acquisition and management of the Chatbot development project. The Partner is expected to be involved and present in designated strategy meetings for the duration of our relationship with the client.

Commission Scale
1 – 3 clients per month = 10% commission3+ clients per month = 15% commission10% of monthly management contracts

White Label

For White Label relationships, you will be selling our technology through your brand, and our brand will remain in the background as a Partner Agency. The BOT//NATION brand will not be present in any client documentation, unless requested. This is simply to keep the partnership and paperwork easy and clean.

Commission Scale
Flat Rate Proposal + Your Markup

If you're interested in becoming a partner,
please use the link below to schedule an appointment.
We'll send you the full Partnership Agreement with lots more details.
We look forward to connecting with you!