Who We Are

BOT//NATION was imagined out of a core belief that all innovations should create a more humanized connection through technology. Innovation that isn’t just better, but provocative.

This put us on a mission to create, teach, and climb the mountain of innovation to develop conversational solutions. In 25 years, there may not be websites or phone apps but there will always be human conversations, relationships, and innovations that will support our need for human connection.

So we've assembled a collective of strategists, brand architects, entertainers, programmers, innovators, and designers that are driven by the common goal of bolstering human connection through technology.

Elevating Your Brand

As a Brand Architect, I understand that one of the most crucial dynamics of the Brand Experience is the way in which we communicate with our audience. Like any relationship, communication is the medium for connection.

An Interactive Conversational Experience can dramatically improve the effectiveness of how you communicate with your team and your audience.

The humanized capabilities of an Interactive Conversational Experiences can empower you to elevate your external brand communication and enhance internal brand culture adoption. After 20 years of developing brands, I believe this is the future of communication, and certainly an integral element of the future of branding.

Jared Angaza, Brand Architect

Our Story

In 2012, after delivering several new product innovations to the marketplace, running divisions for Nike, Hewlett-Packard, and VeriFone, and successfully growing a franchise to 7+ figures per year, Peter decided to utilize his blend of strategy, leadership, innovation, and technical skills to found inViral, a business and technology incubator.

The shift happened in the spring of 2015. Peter read a Forbes article that revealed that more people were using messaging apps, which chatbots can access, than the Big 4 social networking apps, which includes Facebook. Peter noticed a 'crossing of the chasm' for technology adoption with chatbots.

In 2016, he started developing chatbots for his business using Facebook messaging ads that instantly engaged customers with Chase, his first human-like chatbot. The result was more than 80% open rates, 70% click through rates and a 13:1 ROI.

Beyond that, people began writing us, talking about Chase's humor and connecting with him in a conversational way. In Peter's mind, this was the dawn of more effective conversations and conversions using chatbots.

In early 2017, Peter teamed up with his son Kaz, an accomplished animator to create interactive talking animated chatbot characters. Peter also met Jared Angaza, a seasoned Brand Architect and philanthropist. Peter, Kaz, and Jared teamed up to develop a new design category called Active Attention Design (A2D) that works to capture and hold attention while creating a captivating interactive brand experience. 

A2D incorporates a Conversational User Interface (CUI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) using humanized Character Animation to re-imagine conversation, service, and function through an Interactive Conversational Experience on a bot platform.

Today, BOT//NATION partners with brands and thought leaders to create Interactive Conversational Experiences that foster human connection, engagement, and Loyal Brand Ambassadors.


Our team of programmers, designers, and strategists is growing stronger every day. We utilize the power of strategic partnerships and internships to continually infuse innovative ideas and methodologies into our work. With each new project, we are able to scale easily and efficiently in order to facilitate our rapid growth rate. 

Here are our founding members that serve as the Strategic Advisory Team for BOT//NATION.

Peter Lisoskie

Peter Lisoskie

Chief Innovation Officer
Peter Lisoskie

I am about innovation and creation that elevate the human experience to delight, excite, and engage. It runs in my blood. This resulted in developing numerous hardware, software and firmware products in test and measurement, consumer goods, payment transactions, bio-medical, bio-science, and digital categories for companies such as Fluke, Hewlett Packard, Nike, and VeriFone.


My career has spanned the dawn of personal computers, the Internet, virtual reality, software apps, genetic advancements, and neuroscience brain research. I’m keenly interested in what makes people tick, how it’s tied to emotion, and what creates that elevated experience between a person and a product.


I hold numerous design and trade-secret patents for innovative product development. These patents expressed the result of something new and different for the user that wasn’t available before.


In 2012, I founded inViral, a business incubator to commercialize innovative megatrend technologies in the areas of digital, neuroscience, software apps, artificial intelligence, and Chatbots and get them to market.


Every creation has been a lesson in connecting technology to humans.


My mentor is Steve Jobs and his viewpoint expressed in the 1985 interview with Playboy… “At Apple…we attract a different type of person. Someone who really wants to get in a little over his head and make a little dent in the universe. We are aware that we are doing something significant.”


Today, we are at a new dawn; the re-invention of the Internet, a new opportunity, a new technology with bots and artificial intelligence. However, it’s not just about that. It’s about elevating the human experience through this technology. That’s why we’re creating Active Attention Design (A2D) and Conversational User Interface (CUI) standards with Chatbots as a way to create more humanized conversations for help, support, and companionship. Instead of putting a little dent in the universe, we like to think of it as bending the universe a little bit in our direction.



Kaz Lisoskie

Kaz Lisoskie

The Animator
Kaz Lisoskie

The reason why I do animation? I love bringing characters to life. I believe that if animation can brighten a person’s day or make them laugh – it’s all worth it. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and create a new character, animate a new scene, come up with a new show idea, or brainstorm a new project. And there’s a story to my process of creation…


I wanted to be an animator since I was a child. I loved drawing as a kid. I believe I grew up in the perfect decade – the 90’s. There was Ninja Turtles, Sonic, Mario, and the Saturday morning cartoon boom was in full swing. Shows like Doug, Rug Rats, Ren-and-Stimpy and Nickelodeon defined my imagination and changed how I looked into the world of animation.


It wasn’t until High School that I realized I couldn’t draw beyond stick figures and had no idea as to how animation was made. Even so, I created my first comic series called Buttcheaks the Bear. The characters were very simplistic but they made people laugh.


Over the next 8 years, I worked for thousands of hours to develop my craft. The way I saw my characters in my mind in the very beginning was how I wanted to produce them, but I couldn’t draw them that way at the time.

Over the next 3 years in college, I developed my first show. What resulted was 3 – 20 minutes episodes called ‘Doped Up Ducks’. The episodes got me noticed by the Dean of Animation at Cal State Fullerton, one of the top animation schools in the country.


In 2014, I had written the first pilot script for a new project called The Seattle Show. I convinced the department chair at Cal State Fullerton’s Theater school to allow me to use their professional sound studio and recruited several of the top theater students as voice. The result – a TV quality pilot developed in 6 months working 7 days a week produced by myself.


The Seattle Show culminated with a 3-show package and over 90 minutes of content. This package led me to work at Titmouse Studios on the production team for a brand new show called Big Mouth for Netflix.


Today, I can write, design, animate and develop characters that create an interactive brand experience with our Chatbot technologies. Giving each and every client exactly what they want is what drives me forward.

Jared Angaza

Jared Angaza

Brand Experience Architect
Jared Angaza

I’m a brand architect and philanthropist. For 20 years I’ve created strategies, brands, events, and teachings that help us transform our perspectives and re-imagine what’s possible. I coach and consult for individuals, brands, and governments across the globe on my lifelong quest to contribute to a more harmonious world.


I’ve consulted for organizations and movements such as American Indian MovementKeep a Child AliveGenocide Intervention FundONE CampaignInternational Justice MissionLawyers Without BordersSave DarfurHuman Rights WatchFreedom HouseUSAID, and the governments of the United States, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Kenya. In 2012 I co-authored the book Wisdom Meets Passion with NYT bestselling author, Dan Miller. In 2017 I launched my mastermind group, LIFE|BRAND Collective.


I am a lifelong student of creativity, economics, science, strategy, philanthropy, consciousness and indigenous cultures. Today, I help people gain clarity and unearth the essence of their brand. Then we craft their Brand Identity and a Brand Culture to support it.


I believe we are all extraordinary beings created to thrive through deep relationships, nature, spirituality, and creativity. My purpose is to contribute to a more harmonious world by inspiring others to embrace a perspective rooted in love and interconnectedness.


My travels include twelve years of exploring from coast to coast in the United States, a decade living and working full time in East Africa and almost two years soaking in the pure life of Costa Rica. I currently live just outside my hometown of Nashville, TN with my wife and three of our four children.