We are a collective of innovators and imagineers. 
We create Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experiences that 
captivate your audience, reduce conversational friction,
and transcend the noise of digital media.

Messaging is the new platform. Interactive conversation is the new driver of the digital economy.

verb (used with object), captivated, captivating.
1. to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; enchant:
Her blue eyes and red hair captivated him.

You believe in the value of your Brand.
You know your audience will embrace it if you can


Our Chatbots can help you optimize your Marketing Effectiveness
with Greater Efficiency while cultivating Loyal Brand Ambassadors.

(Yep, they're that good.)

Chatbot Benefits

Marketing Potential

Increase Open Rates up to 90%
Increase Click Through Rates up to 75%

Within 2 Years (2020)

80% of businesses expected to utilize Chatbots (Business Insider, 2016)
85% of customer service interactions will be powered by Chatbots (Gartner)

Marketing Potential

96% of businesses believe Chatbots are here to stay. (Mindbrowser)
67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot in the past year (Business Insider)

- Captivate your audience -

- Cultivate Loyal Brand Ambassadors - 

- Educate and inspire through interactive conversation - 

- Optimize Effectiveness and Efficiency of your Marketing efforts - 

- Enhance and nurture relationships through Interactive Conversations

- Showcase supply chain, environmental, and social impact transparency -

 - Protect the integrity of your internal Brand Culture  
and external Brand Experience - 

There are countless benefits to using Chatbots for Marketing, Training, Customer Service
and scores of other services. Business Insider predicts that by 2020, at least 80% of
businesses will be using Chatbots to facilitate these brand elements.

It's clear that Chatbots are here to stay, with an endless potential for growth.
When it comes to Customer Service, they will soon be the standard, not the exception.

Our Bots

We are able to develop a bot for just about any purpose. However, our unique combination of Brand Experience, Animation, Neuroscience, and Technology has afforded us the ability to create some unique and innovative Chatbot experiences.

Here are the frameworks we’ve developed. Each depicts a specific trajectory and intended purpose. We’ll work with you to best understand the intended outcome of your Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience. Then it’s time to choose a baseline framework and start customizing your bot.

Each framework has a list of featured abilities that represent the possibilities and unique abilities of that particular bot. We’ll customize each framework as we learn more about your specific needs and then build appropriately upon our proprietary frameworks.


ImpactBot is designed to showcase a brand’s impact on the environment, community, and any individual or group involved in the supply of goods or services. It allows for expanded transparency and education in regards to certifications such as Fair Trade, Organic, Non-GMO, Ethical Employment and other practices and policies related to maintaining a “clean supply chain”.

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The Brand Culture Bot is designed to promote internal Brand Culture adoption and ensure that the brand’s vision and values trickle down to the furthest extensions of the brand’s reach. This bot works as a full time assistant to brands with large teams, multiple geographic locations, and robust brand cultures. It works to protect the integrity of the brand, facilitate fluid communications, and motivate the team.

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The Guidbot is designed to teach, guide, direct, and generally help people navigate complex information. Its purpose is to act like a personal assistant or Sherpa, relaying instructions and direction and acting as a companion on your journey. It can help with everything from personal development, to navigating your next safari, to learning a new language.

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The ConciergeBot is designed to care for your audience and generally elevate the Customer Experience in a similar way to a concierge at a fine hotel. The bot utilizes machine learning and AI to learn from the user as they interact. It takes care of all the nuanced pillars of a healthy, resilient relationship that helps your customers feel valued, nurtured, and confident in the brand’s ability to consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

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More Bots!

In addition to our proprietary bot frameworks, we can develop bots for lots of different needs such as the following options. If you have a need for an Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience that you haven’t seen listed, please contact us. We are innovators and we love a good challenge!

Event & Summit Promotion (event guide)
Lead Generation & Qualification
Marketing Sales Funnel
Resource/Job Recruiting
Social Media Follower Generation
Gaming & Contests Facilitation

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Just imagine having the ability to cultivate interactive conversations with your audience that enhance your internal Brand Culture and elevate your external Brand Experience.

There is a shift happening...

There is a major shift happening in branding, marketing, and customer service. From a consumer standpoint, much of the current digital economy has transformed from a blessing to a curse. Email, websites, social media, and webinars are becoming the new noise of the digital marketplace.

It's time to think different...

Through Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experiences that utilize Artificial Intelligence,
we’re able to capture and hold a potential
customer’s attention.

With our extensive background in Product Development,
Brand Strategy, and CX we help companies craft Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experiences that utilize our proprietary A2D technology.

Active Attention Design (A2D™)

A2D utilizes Conversational User Interface (CUI) Standards, Neuroscience, Brand Strategy, and Animation to create an Interactive Conversational Experience.

The Essential Elements

Making a basic chatbot is fairly simple these days. There are lots of DIY platforms that allow you to develop a simple chatbot solution cheaply and efficiently. And for some brands, that’s all they need.

But for brands that rely on the integrity of their brand experience and reputation, they have to go beyond basic and into developing an Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience designed specifically to delight their ideal audience.

In short, there is a vast difference between a basic, DIY chatbot and a fully customized Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experience. And the difference could cost you a lot of time, money, and your reputation. But if you do it well, you could be cropping up your next round of Loyal Brand Ambassadors.

"The emergence of accessible artificial intelligence gives us unprecedented access to consumers, but the tech needs to be fed by compelling creative work to be used successfully as a marketing tool."
Carla Cook of Hubspot

Conversation With Purpose

Remember, this is not about Chatbots or the latest technology. This is about the power of Interactive Conversation. The Chatbot is simply the most effective engine for achieving the purpose of the conversation.

Not all Conversations are created equal. If your conversation has a purpose, you'll need to captivate your audience and compel them to act. Here are the essential ingredients. 

Essential Ingredients

1) An astute understanding of your target audience.
2) Engaging narrative and complex storytelling.
3) Creative, humanized conversation flow.
4) Well-crafted persona, usually exemplifying the brand figurehead.
5) It must perform beyond the basics, into the complex.

Incidentally, we'd love to help you transform these ingredients into something delicious. 

Check out some of our recent
Interactive Conversational Chatbot Experiences!

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This is a Customer Service Bot located on a website. Check out the Freeflow Spas customer service bot. It comes with a complete NLU artificial intelligence engine to answer questions and create an interactive conversational experience.

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Sumerian is a craft beer brand. They wanted to get more engagement and gain a better understanding of their audience, so we built them a great bot to drive loyal fans to their taster room and restaurant!

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This bot was build for the Zambia Tourism Board that helps people get involved in touring Zambia. It's purpose is to help people discover the beauty of Zambia as well as be their tour guide while they are visiting the country.  Enjoy your tour! 

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Watkins Wellness is the largest hot tub manufacturer in the United States. This is a Lead Qualification bot that uses a quiz to educate and create interest for the prospective customer. It comes with a complete NLU artificial intelligence engine to answer questions and create an interactive conversational experience.

Scan w/ Facebook messenger app

Heather Havenwood is a leading syndicated radio talk show host, podcaster, speaker and author. Heather uses this messenger code technology to collect hundreds of leads instantly from stage. Imagine what you could do if you're an author, speaker or coach! To scan the code with your phone, follow these steps:

1. Open FB messenger app

2. Tap people icon at bottom

3. Tap 'Scan Code'

4. Hold circle over code to activate